Saturday, June 22, 2019


Last time we listed our top three traits of a perfect supervisor. Now it becomes a bit more difficult to rank the traits but here is our list. 

NUMBER 4---GOOD COMMUNICATOR--With today's wide different age groups in the work place, someone who can communicate effectively to a 20 year old and then be able to do the same with a 60 year old, is priceless. Most all of us have difficulty meeting that challenge. 

Along with being able to communicate with different generations comes the challenge of being able to communicate in different languages, especially Spanish. All I was effectively able to master was si and cervasa which meant I could say yes to a beer and that is not one that should be used in the workplace. 

NUMBER 5---SELF STARTER---This may be one that should be higher on the list but I thought the others important to consider first. That could be open to debate. 

A perfect supervisor should not have to be told when to start or finish his or her day. They should know that if they are doing their job. They come in knowing what has to be done and they don't leave until the business in their area has been accomplished for the day.  

NUMBER 6---GOOD COMPUTER SKILLS---In today's business environment having at least a basic knowledge of computers and how their position uses them is critical. Being able to read and react to budgets for their accounts is critical along with being able to ask and respond to various situations that arise and have to be addressed. 

Okay, there you have my 1 through 6. Agree? Disagree? Please note that not one of these talks about having technical skills such as stripping and recoating tile or shampooing a carpet etc. That should be a given when they get to this level in the organization plus distributors can teach them as needed. Your distributor should play a major role in the success of a perfect supervisor.

At the risk of getting too long winded I am going to stop here and ask you to build your perfect supervisor. Let me know your list of the PERFECT SUPERVISOR.  

Till next time.


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