Wednesday, May 29, 2019



If you are a BSC owner you have probably, at one time or another, wished you could find the perfect person to supervise the important people we have performing the valuable service we provide our customers and if you are a supervisor you may wonder why can't the company find more dedicated people like me.

Let me ask you, have you really defined what you would consider is the perfect supervisor? If you could build one, what traits would that supervisor have that would relieve you of the headaches you now have every day?

Whenever I have done a supervisor's workshop or seminar one of the first exercises we have all the participants do is define what they consider to be the traits of a perfect supervisor. We ask them to build a perfect supervisor, if you will. It turns out to be a great exercise because it gets everyone thinking and involved. Let me suggest this as a topic for the next supervisor get together in your company. It's fun and most often really generates some great discussion. 

In our workshops we will usually generate about 25 or 30 different traits that our attendees consider to be the most important. We tape them up on the wall so everyone can see them and discuss why they feel they are important or offer their opinion as to why it doesn't need to be on the list. 

Then, after we have developed a quality list, we pare it down to the top 10 traits needed and eventually we try to come up with the number one trait. 

Let me strongly encourage you to do this exercise in your company, list all the traits as you see them, then get your top 10 and finally the one most important one. Then do an honest appraisal to see if these are the traits your supervisors have, or if you are a current supervisor, how many of the traits you have. Need to work hard to develop any of them?

So there is your assignment. In our next blog posting I will outline the most popular ones that have been developed by the various groups we have had involved in our workshops. We'll even give you the one that most often is rated the NUMBER 1 TRAIT OF A QUALITY SUPERVISOR.

Till next time and enjoy the exercise.